Video is an often-preferred method of instruction. It can demonstrate a wide range of information and is more effective than reading written materials alone. In fact, Forrester Research has estimated “a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.” The message: Video is a highly versatile form of business training, which is why instructional video production can effectively improve your employees’ skills and abilities.

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Here are five reasons, explained in detail, why you should use video for business training purposes:


Even a professionally made video does not have to be expensive. You’ll get every aspect included in the project, including scriptwriting, production, shooting, and editing. High-definition video equipment and software are used, so you don’t have to go out and buy the latest state-of-the-art systems. Your company also saves on manpower and training expenses, as running an ongoing training program with instructors, equipment, and other company assets can be quite costly.


A video can cover an infinite number of facts and topics. It can be used as an introduction for new employees or to provide compliance training. The content can explain the workings of a new product or service, include technical demonstrations, and complement your performance support routines. It’s also easier to create a new video rather than update all your training materials to keep up to date.

Video Helps People Learn Faster

Movement and color are picked up easier by the brain than simple text. Videos involve a range of senses, plus a viewer can go back to better understand something. Facts can be presented in an engaging way, from the presenter’s voice and body language to animation and graphics. Corporate video production can tell your story any way you like. Viewers are 65% more likely to retain information visualized during the finished production.2

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A Video Can Tell a Story

With the art of storytelling, learning is more relatable. A video engages the brain’s language processing center, as a PowerPoint presentation may do, but goes further by stimulating the motor cortex as well. The narratives can reveal cause and effect, which taps into our inherent tendency to interpret the world around us. On a more pragmatic level, video makes learning fun. That’s why, when clients seek corporate training, video production techniques such as using characters, storylines, and dramatic elements are effective.

Consistency Is Upheld

A single training video can be used across departments, delivering the same message in the same style. Human trainers have their own individual styles, which can lead to different areas of emphasis and differences in the message presented to different people or departments. Once a specific training video is produced and completed, consistency issues are eliminated.

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