1308035_0023Why Training Videos?

Videos enable people to retain more information in less time than conventional learning which involves reading and/or just listening to a lecture.

In fact, in a recent study by Forrester Research, they’ve confirmed that “A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.” Imagine the powerful impact videos can contribute to enhance your business growth.

Train your employees and update your customers using the best tool possible: video. We handle every aspect of production, from writing scripts to shooting and editing. Turn that boring PowerPoint presentation into an exciting video and get the engagement you’re looking for.

Training Videos for Major Business Results

Uptrend Productions has worked with different types of training videos targeted for different audiences. We’ll help you create a marketing strategy that keeps your goals in mind at all times. We’ll handle every aspect of the production; from video shooting with our HD cameras, to video editing on our top-of-the-line software. Your video will grab your audience and help expand your business.

Training Videos for Major Business Savings

A training video saves a lot of company resources in term of expenses and manpower. You only need to conduct the training once and create a video out of it that multiple people can watch over and over again anytime. You help your staff receive the training they need without wasting valuable time away from their jobs.

Training Videos for Business Engagement

Maybe you have a product that you know is very useful, but takes time to get used to, or software that takes a bit of specialized know-how to fully unleash its full benefit for the user?

A training video is just what it takes to engage customers to learn about your product and actually purchase it. You won’t even need to dedicate a huge chunk of your marketing budget for TV infomercials when you can publish your video online on your website or have it shipped to the buyer together with the product.

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