IMG_6736Video Shooting is Making Art

At Uptrend Productions, we approach each video project as a work of art. We prepare for each project meticulously. From small projects to big ones, our approach is the same.


We love shooting videos! We make sure we have everything we need to work on video shooting projects any time we are called.

We use the latest High Definition cameras, professional audio and lighting as well as a wide array of video production equipment such as cranes, jibs, dollies and sliders to add that extra level of finesse to your video shooting project.

Experienced Team and Flexible Scope

Our team is experienced in covering a wide range of projects. We have experienced video shooting for small promotional pieces to big TV productions, from a hundred dollar budget to several thousand.

We can shoot with a minimal number of people on the team. We’ve also worked with dozens crew members for some TV commercials. And if your project needs more people involved, we can work with that too. Whether your project can be shot in a day or needs planning over a longer period of time, we are the team to call.

Full Range of Service

We can provide you with everything you need to come up with the best final product for your project. Our director and writers so we can help you with scripting and story boarding.

If you need a team to work on video shooting for an event such as a convention or for online training, we can help you with that too.

But we don’t just shoot videos; we also provide video editing services, so we can work and process your videos from start to finish.

Interested to learn more about this?

Give us a call and let’s talk!

Shoot Where You Are

Shooting your video at your business location? No problem. We can shoot onsite and you won’t even have to stop your regular business operations while we do the shoot.

Prefer a studio? We can work with you on that too and we can also provide a green screen if your video project calls for it.

Need to shoot in another city? We’ve got you covered. Just contact us so we can discuss the details and we’ll be ready to work right away.

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