dsc_9585What is video editing?

Essentially, video editing is the process of taking multiple video files or a very long video file, selecting the most impactful parts that can convey your story or message best and combining them together seamlessly so your audience can experience it as one dramatic piece.

Uptrend Productions has a full-service post production facility to edit your videos. Using the latest video editing technology, we’ll complete your message from start to finish.


With our motion graphics department, together with our arsenal of brilliant video transitions and effects as well as a comprehensive library of music and sound effects, we can help you create a video that has multiple layers of engagement so you can connect to your audience more effectively.

Fast and Reliable

We usually have the first proof for you in a week’s time so we can start refining your project right away. We deliver with speed, but we always keep our eye on your essentials.

Flexible Delivery Mode

For the final product, we can host your video on our YouTube channel so you can easily stream it on your website. Of course, you still have the optionto choose from different delivery formats (DVD, CD, USB, memory card, etc.). We’ll get it to you the way you want it.

Customized Service

Whether you have multiple raw video files or a long video of an event, we can turn your videos into one or several dramatic audio-visual pieces that you will be proud of.

We work with you to create the best result.

When we edit videos, we involve you in the process to ensure the final product is the best result from our collaborative efforts — capturing your vision and bringing it alive on screen through our video editing skills and technology.

Interested to learn more about this?

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We not only provide video editing services; we can also help you with video shooting.

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