Us iPad users- especially iPad Pro- have been begging for a Macbook-like operating system on our tablets.

While I don’t think this is it, iPadOS 15 could be a big step forward.

Multitasking is basically our bread and butter. Not cameras, or even Siri for me. And I am excited about the new “Center Window”.

The rumors and “leaks” are that’s is a floating center window that you can pop up even in dual screen with two other apps. Basically, giving you access to three apps at once.

I imagine this will be fairly limited at first by the app developers. But using Mail, Word, or even Garage Band will be sweet with this feature.

The biggest upcoming feature is the Universal Control.

This is a step up from Sidecar which turns your iPad into a second monitor for your MacBook. Apple says just placing your iPad near your MacBook will auto connect it and allow your Mac mouse to pop up on the iPad for more seamless utility.

They don’t say if you can upload documents or files this way- which would be awesome. I’d love to just place my iPad near my Mac and drag and drop the files onto it.