Why Online Videos?

IMG_6770Videos are entertaining to watch and make subject matters even more interesting therefore holding a person’s attention much longer than written content. Online videos enable people to take in much more information in less time than having to read a whole page of documentation.

Video comprises almost 70 percent of the Internet. So if your marketing strategy doesn’t include video, you are essentially only being seen by 30% of Internet users. But what kind of videos should you produce? Uptrend Productions has the answers.

As a business, having a video presence online should be a critical part of your marketing strategy. Your video presence enables you to catch the interest of and reach more customers.

Different Online Video Formats and Styles

Uptrend Productions is experienced in working with different types of online videos, from promotional to informational as well as in different styles too. Depending on your business type, you can create brand awareness using different video styles such as; using a story that’s funny, professional, personal, and witty or toned with a sarcastic humor.

Enhance Brand Awareness with Online Videos

We work with you to create compelling online videos that support or act as a core part of your marketing campaign. We can work with you on one major online video production as well as several small online video productions that complement your marketing strategy. Whatever your goals, we can work with your marketing style.

Interactive Videos

We also keep abreast of the latest in video production technologies and trends. One such trend that excites us is interactive videos. This concept can greatly enhance your online video presence and can create not just ripples, but waves about your business and brand online.

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Don’t forget, our services also include video shooting as well as video editing so you only need to focus on your campaign results while we work behind-the-scenes of your online video.

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