1) YouTube averages 4 billion hits a day.   Even though it is owned by Google, it is quickly becoming the most used search engine on the net.  Viewers are searching for things like “how to bake a cake” or “replacing a car engine air filter”.   The key is to draw your viewers in with information they care about.  All the while advertising your business.  And every video is added to Google search, increasing traffic to your business!

2) Hundreds of marketing studies show the effect of video on consumers.  And companies are attributing huge jumps in sales to videos that show their customers the benefits of their products.  Internet retailers calculate that after watching a video, customers were a 144% more likely to buy the product.

3) Petabyte – Your new word of the day.  When it comes to digital information, there are megabytes, gigabytes and terabytes.  The web has over 4 petabytes ( or 4 quadrillion bytes) of video.  That’s right.   That means your video has to be creative.  It has to stand out.