Biggest Stat: YouTube currently commands the highest prime-time ratings. 

Other Quick Stats:

  • YouTube reaches more of the coveted demographic 18-45 yr olds
  • “Watch Time” is up 60 percent, meaning more viewers are watching whole commercials… because….
  • YouTube harnesses a vast cache of user data to predict what viewers are likely to click on
  • So marketers can target qualified viewers based on what they watch. 
  • 57% of parents say children prefer a mobile device rather than TV

YouTube Live (and Facebook Live) are being used to broadcast live events by ESPN and award shows like Golden Globes.  Expect more live TV to use this technology.  

More than half of Americans use streaming services more than cable boxes.  And this trend is only growing.  

But all is not lost for cable.  If they embrace online streaming and a la carte services.