Change your password immediately!

I use Yahoo Mail for some of my personal accounts.  It’s never been a secure server.  

“I would have trouble trusting Yahoo going forward,” remarked a cryptologist.   Posted honorably on Yahoo News.  

So their PR response is apt, but still the security implications are clear.  

A few years ago it was hacked and all my contacts were spammed.  They were sent emails with spam links in my name.  
My advice: delete your contacts.  

It may be a pain to look up your saved email accounts but it’s worth it.  

It’s quite embarrassing to have to send out a sorry email to all your friends and colleagues.

Apparently over a billion accounts were hacked a few years ago.  Despite claims that it was only a fraction.

Despite the length of time, I’d still change your password.  You never know what hackers could still obtain from old data.