Warning!  Unpleasant news ahead!

1) Because it sucks.  No offense.  But you probably used your phone and the audio quality is terrible.  Or your video is simply not interesting.

2) Your keywords are off. What is your video about?  Do research on similar videos and title your videos as generic as possible. 

3) Your video is too long.  Recent research says you have 5 seconds to grab your viewers.  And if the video is over 1-2 minutes, they won’t even click on it.  They would rather watch 5 one minute videos than 1 five minute video.

4) You’re not promoting the video.  YouTube and other video sites are only the first step.  You need to embed or promote the video on all your social sites to get the traction.

Feeling discouraged?  Don’t be.  Uptrend Productions is here to help you spread your message with video. 

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