The Surface Phone has the potential to change the mobile market.  It will offer an unparalleled operating system: Window’s 32.  

The same OS on laptops will now be on your phone.  Access 32 bit software in your hands.  Leave mobile apps behind and embrace Windows 10 in your pocket.  

If Microsoft can release it. 

The once-known monopoly was supposed to debut the device at the Mobile World Congress, a tech event in Barcelona starting Feb 27. 

But it was announced that Microsoft was exiting the event this week.  


Installing the power of laptops into a mobile phone must be hard, and maybe there’s a technological reason.  

But there could be a sense of perfectionism.  

Microsoft’s existence in the mobile world is eroding.  Android devices are over 80% of the market.  Apple has about 17%.  Microsoft has 1.2%. 

The once-monopolistic company may be reluctant to debut their latest groundbreaking device because it’s their last chance to gain a foothold in the industry. 

Tech critics agree: if Microsoft fails at the Surface Phone, it will fall from the mobile market all together.