Virtual Reality is here and growing.  Let’s go over the basics.  

Generally, there are two types: Reactive and Non-Reactive.  Most VR content is pre-rendered on computers, making it non-reactive. 

This includes 360 video- which YouTube has enabled and has seen good returns. 

Gaming will eventually become VR, where the user will attach goggles and interact with virtual environments.  In fact, it’s here already.  

Augmented Reality is content that’s generated from both virtual and the real world.  The Pokémon Go app is (hopefully) just the first step and not the best representation.  Virtual content overlaying on the real world.  

Google Glass was also an attempt to profit off of AR.

There is a fourth term: Mixed Reality- or hybrid reality.   This merges real world and virtual worlds to create new ones.  Instead of overlaying onto the real world like AR- this creates a “Matrix” like world based on our interpretations of the real world.  

So be on the lookout for content in this space.  Or maybe we’re all living in Mixed Reality and just don’t know it…