There are a lot of new tech devices that can stream video ads these days.  And it’s tough to keep up with the numbers.  

Take Smart TVs- televisions connected to the internet that can stream Hulu and YouTube which have ads.  They are a big part of the market now.  Are they considered mobile?

Nope.  It’s in the non-mobile category.  And in fact, is the only non-mobile device where the ad views are rising.  

There’s been a 20% increase in mobile video ad views this year.  

Next year, ad spending is expected to jump 49%, according to media measurement company Zenith.  

As you can see, mobile devices surpassed desktops in mobile video ads in the mid 2015.  And now it’s more than double.  

So what should you do?

Simple: have a mobile ad campaign which has

  • Short and simple videos
  • Graphics that get message across without audio
  • Make sure videos uploaded to each social site is targeted to their demographics
  • Professional footage and graphics- not PowerPoint style-