A full-service mobile video production company, Uptrend Productions is proud to serve the Dallas/Fort-Worth business sector. We combine technology and creativity to produce quality content for corporate video marketing initiatives, whether it is for training, promotion, sales, information or part of a client’s broader online marketing strategy. We’re there every step of the way.

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Our team specializes in critical elements of the video marketing process:

  • Scriptwriting
  • Storyboard creation
  • Video editing
  • Design graphics
  • 4k video
  • Video distribution

Uptrend Productions offers a range of video services. More on these later; here are some reasons why video is good for business.

Why Video Marketing?

Nowadays, 63% of businesses use video content marketing.1 Producing videos requires room in your marketing budget, but it has much potential to pay off. The versatility of video content enables you to be creative and resourceful, with a profit potential unlike any other medium.

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The advantages of video include:

  • Higher Conversion Rates and Sales: Your conversions can increase 80% just by putting a product video on a landing page.2 The highest increases are seen in the gifts, electronics, and jewelry industries. Explainer videos have the power to influence people to buy and are, therefore, effective sales tools.
  • Trust Within an Audience: People rely on visuals when making a purchasing decision. Video helps build trust because it engages viewers and influences their emotions. Its conversational nature speaks to each person seeing it, in turn increasing their confidence in your product.
  • Return on Investment: Most businesses that use video agree the ROI is worthwhile. The payoff is strong because of video’s impact on an audience. While there are affordable video editing tools online, and smartphones are capable of taking video, the videos are not the best quality and will not work if they do not clearly explain the product or service properly. Entrusting a professional video production company is vital for ROI.
  • Google Rankings: Since watching a video increases the time people spend on a website, and the fact Google now owns YouTube, using video marketing for your site boosts its rankings and potential to show up first on a Search Engine Results Page. Videos can also be SEO-optimized through their titles and descriptions and links to your website and services.
  • Appeal to Mobile Users: Videos engage buyers and can explain anything, even using animation to entertain and break down concepts. For 90% of consumers, watching these videos happens on their mobile device.3 Google has admitted that people who do so via their smartphone (compared to TV or desktop) are more likely to feel a personal connection to a brand.

The video-social media connection cannot be ignored. Evident through Facebook’s video features, Instagram’s 60-Second Videos, and Twitter’s Periscope, this connection is being honed by social marketers across the board. People are likely to share branded videos that are entertaining—calling to their emotions can increase traffic and, therefore, sales and ROI.

Benefits of Outsourcing

When creating an outstanding branded video that’s engaging, informative, and creative, you should always outsource video development to the experts. In doing so, you can depend on someone who is experienced in the best practices of commercial video marketing. A marketing professional knows the techniques to instantly grab attention, gain the audience’s trust, tell your story, and include the most relevant information.

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In going this route, you also:

  • Have access to top talent, especially when you research and screen candidates that offer the best service, at the best price.
  • Keep up with the latest trends, which means the newest technology, equipment, and techniques go into getting results that work today.
  • Manage time and resources by working with a professional who has extensive project management and video content production experience.
  • Gain efficiency since quality content is produced quickly and money isn’t spent on overhead expenses, administration, and other in-house essentials.

Scale quickly by depending on a business equipped with the proper resources, allowing it to help you adapt to evolving needs; your company does not need to commit the funds and time to expanding internal infrastructure.

Video Marketing video on laptop

Services Offered

Uptrend Productions offers many services to help boost your promotional strategy. We specialize in all aspects of video production, including high definition commercial video marketing. If your corporate video marketing efforts could use a boost or you can benefit from using video in many other capacities, our services include the following:

  • Business video – When producing videos for businesses, we are always results-oriented, doing what we can to market your business and maximizing the impact of the content. An analysis of the client’s business strategy is also performed. Using the metrics acquired, we can address any missing pieces of the puzzle with content that works. Successful video projects have included those in health care, real estate, hospitality, and many more.
  • Video editing – Our motion graphics department is fully equipped to implement smooth video transitions, include effects, and add music and sound to convey your story or message. Customized, engaging videos can be edited in a timely fashion, with a first proof often available in about a week. Videos can be delivered via CD, DVD, USB, or YouTube.
  • Videography – Our craftsmanship is as good as it gets when capturing moving images for your corporate video marketing initiative. We include production and post-production in a one-stop service, providing video content on the electronic or streaming media channel of your choice. Video shooting can be accomplished in the setting you desire throughout the Dallas and Fort Worth area.
  • Business promo video – Promotional videos created by our team explain everything about your business, product, or service, increasing click-through rates, boosting email marketing campaigns, and providing all the benefits you expect from a quality explainer video. Whatever it is you need to promote, we will find an effective way to convey the message.
  • Training video – With video content, people retain more information in less time than by reading or listening to a speaker in person. We can craft your training video to the intended audience. All the while, we’ll keep your marketing strategy in mind. Engaging shots are enabled by HD cameras, combined with our unique video shooting talents. Money is saved because training sessions only need to happen once, and all the necessary content is contained in one informative video.

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  • YouTube ad – YouTube is the second most popular social network after Facebook. Videos as short as 15 seconds can receive high click-through rates, and the rate only goes up for one that’s more than 30 seconds long. Just a single YouTube video can propel you to #1 on Google. Better yet, mobile video consumption grows every year, so this medium promises to retain video marketing value for your business.
  • Online video – Our team is experienced with every style of online video and has worked with a wide number of formats. We can approach your brand and audience with a personal, professional, witty, or funny story, just to name a few. The style you choose can shape the character of your brand and expand your video presence using top techniques.
  • Website video – Aside from linking back to your website, a video can be embedded right on your homepage or product In fact, it’s been estimated a business is 53 times more likely to appear first on Google if this is done.4 Video content can also be tailored to go with your website design. With this approach, visitors don’t have to go anywhere else to learn about your product and service.
  • Sales video – Explainer videos, animations, social sharing, and more go toward increasing your brand’s sales potential with commercial video marketing. Product videos have a high potential to inspire people to buy. The ability of videos to built trust and relationships between a company and its customers reinforces the sales value of the medium.
  • Informational video – Informational or how-to videos can home in on a single selling point for a product or service. They can also be broader promotions. Advertising your brand in this manner can drive website traffic, as customers are looking for information on topics that interest them. Offer a tutorial on a product—or something related to it—and their confidence in your brand can skyrocket.

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As part of our one-stop video production service, we include high-definition video and engaging graphics. Our team can work in the studio (complete with studio lights and teleprompters) or on-site, using state-of-the-art equipment. Combined with our professional marketing expertise, we can create and release videos on a weekly or monthly basis. We also don’t only focus on web marketing—print materials can be developed along with your video to complement your fine-tuned marketing strategy.

Numerous options are available. Uptrend Productions offers corporate video marketing for television and online video, and content for conferences or events and charities. We serve the real estate, medical, restaurant/hospitality, and other industries. Whether you need an instructional video, motion graphics, whiteboard videos, or aerial drone footage, our team will work with you to craft the perfect storyboard, graphics, footage, and method.

camera drone in air

Whether you need your videos to be educational, interactive, or promotional, our video production specialists can fine-tune the project to meet your requirements. Corporate events, concerts, and marches are no problem. We’ve presented the highest quality results for marketing firms, credit unions, car dealerships, airlines, furniture stores, restaurant chains, law enforcement agencies, home improvement contractors, conferences, communications companies, and municipalities.

For more information on our video marketing services and how we can assist your corporation’s marketing and communications departments, continue reading about our services and view our Video Gallery, Testimonials, and Blog. To contact us directly, email info@uptrendproductions.com or call 972-861-2815.


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