My experience with different customer apps:

Both Chili’s and CVS have excellent apps. I downloaded them onto my iPhone and here’s the goods:

CVS: scarily good.  It knows when you enter a CVS Pharmacy… My phone buzzes with local coupons based on previous purchases.  

I was a little offended at the surveillance at first until I used the coupons to save $…

They also have a function in the app that replaces the need to carry your CVS card with you.  Brilliant.

Chili’s: They don’t monitor your movements like CVS, but they keep track of what you buy.  How?  Because I enter my email address into their table side cash register after a meal.  I accumulate points that gets me a free appetizer or dessert.  

Both are brilliant marketing achievements in how apps can keep your brand top-of-mind.  

Both companies also use your email address for their other marketing campaigns.  I’ve received Holiday emails and of course Black Friday Ads.  

But hey, I asked for it…  🙂