What to expect from WWDC18:

Apple’s has lots of up sleeve today, but a few items have leaked.

1) iOS 12, tvOS12 & Mac OS

Its rumored that Apple is trying to move iPhone apps closer to their PC platform so users can use the apps across multiple devices.

Also, there will advances to the Do Not Disturb feature. Apple is apparently concerned with how much we’re not connecting face-to-face anymore and is rumored to have updates to their health and wellness apps.

The Home Screen is rumored to have been redesigned. But I wouldn’t expect any big changes here. Perhaps more multitasking features and other bug fixes.

2) Siri Update:

Siri has fallen behind Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Home products. Expect a more robust update to Siri. I’m guessing Apple will add more voice commands and become more ingrained to Apple’s Home apps.

3) Animoji:

Ehhh…. Probably after today everyone will be texting us emojis that are animated. One more death nail into the written word.

4) Beats Headphones:

After Apple purchased Beats, nothing much happed. Rumors are they’ve added Siri to the Bluetooth headphones and they will have more iOS integration.