Semi trucks, really?

“Maybe you should get the Model 3 issues fixed first, Elon.”

But as I’m imagining my fake interaction with Tesla’s innovator, I realize this is stupid advice.  

The Model 3 Tesla is the company’s attempt at reaching out to the middle class with their fleet of electric cars. Which before this moment, I thought was the best move.  

Get a mass market car out on the streets immediately. 

Tesla needs to reach out to a broader customer base.  But it also needs to broaden its business offerings.  

And the Tesla Semi is brilliant.  

Most companies ship items across the country using semi trucks.  If Tesla can offer a cheaper/safer way, then it’s a good business move.  

These Tesla Semis run clean, have auto-pilot features, data logging and jack-knifing prevention. 

Truckers log almost 300 billion miles a year.  That’s a lot of pollution, a lot of potential wrecks, and lot of opportunity for improvement. 

As of now, the Tesla Semis require drivers, with cab monitors and other maintenance management. 

But the biggest issue is another eventual job loss due to robots.  So…you know, one downside.