Old format TV is on the ropes.  Embracing the new landscape will save it. 

Recent events:

  • Metallica will livestream an upcoming concert
  • The recent Met Gala Red Carpet was livestreamed and received increase in viewers
  • Amazon will stream upcoming NFL games
  • Twitter will livestream NFL too
  • Colbert’ Late Show received highest ratings by livestreaming on Election night

Facebook Live is video marketings hot topic right now.  Twitter is introducing their livestreaming with the new NFL season. 

What if all cable companies started livestreaming tomorrow?

Well, they’d have to end bulk packaging and offer channels a la carte.  Which is the battle their waging against their consumers.  Who will win I wonder?

Consumers will.  They always do. 

So the only question is which companies and networks will jump on the bandwagon fast enough.

And which will go the way of Blockbuster.