The world’s most valuable restaurant chain may have a new leader in the coming years.  

Starbucks could have 50,000 locations and $3 billion in sales soon.  And their stock could be at $70 per share, from $55.56 currently- says market analysts.  

Right now McDonald’s leads in both: over 35,000 locations and $120 per share.  

Both companies have already started their overlap.  Starbucks has been moving toward a deli-style eatery with its sandwiches:

And McDonald’s plans to revamp its McCafes, planning to serve expresso from $12,000 machines.  

Mickey D’s has been losing ground in this area to Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts.  

However their demographics will be an issue.  Currently McD’s customer base are lower and middle income families.  Starbucks’ demographics are generally higher income.  

Not to say either side has an edge. Both companies are doing quite well with their customers.  But they will need to address this gap if either plans on achieving dominance.