You’ve probably heard of solid-state hard drives.  You may have wondered why your computer cost more because of it. 

Trust me, it’s worth it. 

“Solid-state” is a general term to new technologies that are made of all solid materials.  So there are no moving parts.  

They’re more reliable, last longer and are more portable.  And now more electronics are getting the solid-state experience.  

The latest are batteries.  Fisker is a smaller version of Tesla, producing electric cars, and they just filed a patent for the solid-state battery. 

2020 is the first expected year of solid-state electric cars.  Toyota is expected around 2022.  

Solid-state batteries create greater energy density and more rapid recharges.  Fisker claimes 2.5 times that of regular batteries.  And could provide 500 mile driving range.  

And Samsung is thankful because it’s less likely to explode.