iPhone 7 vs Google Pixel

Google’s latest smartphone seems to be a hit.  Apple still dominates, but there may be a new major player in the market.  

Samsung’s mishap with the exploding Notes may have helped.  But what’s a big feature is the camera.  

DSLRs beware.  

Both phones are great for everyday use.  Selfies, foodies and other normal pics are pretty similar on either phones.  Each have nearly 12 megapixels.  

The Pixel has nearly zero lag time for shooting.  Which for longtime photographers is big.  A quick shutter, with variable frame rates- using the volume buttons on the side.  

It’s also a great low light camera.  With little noise and motion blur- thanks to that quick shutter.  

The iPhone 7 has a portrait mode will be big with consumers.  It provides DSLR-like blur around a subject.  It’s a faux blur, a pro photographers will know.  

True small depth of field is attained through fast aperture lenses and large frame cameras.  The iPhone 7’s blur is noticeably different than professional pics.  

But for consumers, the DSLR is dead.