SEO is all about sharing.  

The videos you produce need to be shared by your audience across all the social platforms.  Facebook, LindedIn and even Twitter are applying new ways to share videos.

Posting your videos on your website and social accounts are important.  But what really gets your SEO moving is your audience posting your videos on theirs.

You do this by giving your audience what they want.  Some companies do it with comedy, producing sketch-like videos that are shared by millions (like ESPN and Dollar Shave Club)

Businesses are also turning to the DIY side of YouTube.  Do-it-yourself videos are among the most popular searches online.  So if your company sells printers, put out maintenance videos that your audience is searching for.  If you’re a CPA, give tax advice.

It might feel like you’re giving away the farm.  But if you give an inch, you’ll receive a mile in SEO.