The app S Suggest has been abandoned leaving Samsung phones vulnerable to hacks. 

S Suggest was Samsung’s ‘app recommender’, suggesting to users what other apps they might like.  

But Samsung has apparently dropped S Suggest, even ignoring the domain name  

The app left open device permissions that could have led to malicious software invading Samsung devices.  

One security expert at Anubis Labs, Joao Gouveia, saw the vulnerability and fixed the issue- at least temporarily.  He says that this orphaned app could have opened Samsung users to hacks.  

There were 24 hours after Samsung abandoned the app and domain before he tamped the issue.  In that time, millions of connections were made and hackers could have infiltrated through the S Suggest app.  

Experts suggest (no pun intended) updating your phones, making sure the S Suggest app is removed and consider changing any important passwords that were saved on your device.  Especially banks and credit card apps.