Looking for a list of popular keywords, look no more.

Here are a few lists of the current top keyword searches. Why multiple lists and not one comprehensive? Because if want the most searched: Google.

Need more? Read on.

Top searches involving business:

1: Hotels– there’s a reason there are new Kayak and Trivago sites launching daily. We’re all looking for the best hotel deals.

2: Insurance– perhaps because of the current politics, but probably it’s still hot from the recent signup session.

3: Loans– info on cash loans, payday loans, etc, are a hot topic. Hopefully searchers find the info they need before signing those loans. Car and home loan info like mortgage calculators are always popular.

The most Googled companies are:

1: Amazon

2: Walmart

3: Facebook

The top two will be battling the online shopping war for the next few decades.