You’re paying for 4G and getting a lot less.  

To start out, let’s define a few things.  The “G” stands for generation.  4G comes from a long line of upgraded cell services over the years. 
LTE stands for “long term evolution”.  Meaning that your cell coverage is trying to reach 4G.

4G service must have a peak of 100 megabits-per-second.  But by law it doesn’t have to be anywhere near there.  Yet it your carrier can still say you’re getting 4G service.  

That’s like your mechanic saying you have a new transmission- but it’s actually 10 years old.  

So when you see 4G LTE in the top corner of your phone, it’s a marketing gimmick.  

No cell phone gets proper 4G.  And LTE means absolutely nothing- so don’t pay extra for it.   

However, 4G is still a vast improvement over 3G…so that’s something I guess.  

Bet you’ll be more paranoid with your mechanic the next time you see him.