Let’s face it…when your phone’s tired, you’re tired.  

All smartphones use lithium-ion batteries because they’re lightweight and hold the longest charge.

But they will start degrading immediately.  

So you need to know some easy tricks to prolong your battery juice so you can get more out of your phone.  

1) Don’t let your mobile devices power all the way down before recharging.  Generally- every device has a finite number of recharges before the battery gives.  Probability tells us that recharging somewhere in the middle will get you the most juice before the device’s end.  So keep around 50%. 

2) But don’t keep it on the charger 24/7.  If the battery is full, unplug it.  Keeping lithium batteries constantly charging will degrade them too. 

3) Don’t leave it hot!  Heat is lithium’s kryptonite!  Leaving it in the car or outside will decrease the amount of ions in your battery.  Meaning it will drain faster and faster.  

4) Use proper chargers- not inferior ones.  This one is not a ‘stone tablet’ rule but the science is clear. Your battery needs the proper wattage to charge, so use phone chargers that are tuned to yours.  Watch out for third-party chargers that aren’t powerful enough.  They can drain your battery’s life cycle over time.  If you’re in a jam, don’t worry about it.  Like I said, it’s not set in stone. 

And don’t be afraid of third-party chargers. I use a ton.  Just read the reviews and make sure your phone is compatible.