Looks like Virtual Reality for business has hit a new milestone.

The Rift goggles are being offered for your profit.  The VR device is currently being used for video games and other interactive content.  

They currently are connected to phones, PCs, etc, to provide immersive experience.  But the company just also announced a stand alone version that don’t require any the device.  

Users view the VR video through the goggles and can use the Oculus hand controls 

The company now has a ‘Value Added Reseller’ license, allowing you to create an app or some product using the Rift VR goggles.  
Then you can turn around and sell that to your clients. And I believe, the Terms of Service say you can resell the goggles as well. 
It says:

  • The terms of the Commercial license allows profit, promotion, monetary gain, or commercial advantage, or to otherwise benefit a business.
  • a) use content from the Oculus Store; or (b) develop your own app store or other app delivery platform intended to distribute content to consumers using the Products. 

So it sounds like Oculus is expanding their app store and devices to provide an all encompassing VR solution for play…and business.