With the massive success of YouTube, more sites are coming out with their own video platforms.

Instagram: With a maximum of 15 seconds per video, this is not the place for promos.  A lot of brands are using this site to show their customers using their products.  Or use Instagram to disseminate quick tips that link to your brand.  

Twitter:  Their new feature lets you upload or record smartphone videos directly to your feed.  Unfortunately there’s not much more you can do with it.  So get creative!  Put out a contest to your Twitter followers for the best video.  It’s all about response!

Vine: This is a tough one.  But it’s incredibly popular.  Vine videos are only 6 seconds. So attention grabbing is key.  Don’t feel like your videos have to somehow connect to your industry.  Social media is about connecting to your audience.  

All these sites require constant marketing to be effective.  If you need help with your online video campaign, give us a call!