Spoiler alert: No contest.  

Research concluded by Kantar Media tells us the obvious: video is better for marketing than pictures.  (I just realized the irony of this picture-post)

Several social sites were involved as well.  

Facebook found 5x the interaction of video over images.  Instagram videos have a 5x longer view rate than images.  

This study was done by having its participants scroll through pages and tracking their eye movements to see what drew their attention.  

Results: Video was a like a bug zapper.  Or a hypnotist.  

77% liked videos under ten minutes. 54% of millennials watched several videos in a row- without realizing they’re doing it.  

67% say mobile viewing is easier to watch than on a desktop. 
They also studied shortform versus longform content.  And guess what- certain longform videos caught a lot of attention.  But it had to be directly associated with the keyword search.  

Think of your video as sales pitch.  It can be longer if needed.  But if you veer off course, the viewers will lose interest. 
So bottom line: if you have a message to promote, find a way to tell it with video.