And the best upgrade is not the iPad.

Keeping the same sizes (11″ and 12.9″), the bullet point upgrades are mainly camera and the processor.

The camera is getting new lenses that will set it up for augmented reality apps, which place digital images in the real world (think Pokémon Go).

The processor upgrades are always better. Probably not significant for current iPad Pro owners, but still faster. Google A12Z Bionic chip if you’re interested in the specs.

But the biggest change is a trackpad. Yes iPads will not have mouse support. The upcoming iOS 13.4 will allow Bluetooth mice to be connected.

Notice the circle cursor above. It’ll switch to a line for text though.

And Apple is coming out with a new Magic Keyboard. It connects magnetically, but allows the iPad to hang above the keyboard. And the keyboard will have a touchpad built in.