So here are some basic stats from the NAAL (National Association of Adult Literacy):

  • Just over half of elementary school children can read and write at their supposed proficiency.  
  • Only 40% of all American employees are adequately literate. 
  • Higher the literacy, higher the annual salary. 
  • Previous years of surveys of employers (1978, 1985, 1995) show a decline in grammar and spelling skills in resumes.  

The numbers are clear.  While education is growing in commensurate with technology, the average person’s ability in the English language is not increasing.  

What could be the reason?

The newest Apple app is a group of “stickers” that one can message to another instead of actually writing. 

Why type out your feelings when you could send a ;(

I can’t tell you how many applicants’ emails I receive that are laden with grammatical errors.  They literally cannot write a complete sentence even when it’s in their best interest. 

What are your thoughts?