A tale of two content creators…

Amazon Prime Video and Netflix have been neck and neck for awhile.

Not in streaming though. Netflix has reigned supreme at 37% of all streamed videos for a few years.  Beating YouTube at 17% and Amazon’s 5%.  

It may sound like Amazon is far behind, but based on those stats, the company is expanding rapidly.  And Netflix is obviously watching closely. 

Both services offer a plethora of older movies that have cheaper copyrights.  But the key to expansion lies in original content.  

Both Netflix and Amazon have the right to be called “movie studios,” producing more content than some actual Hollywood production companies.  

Both companies just entered into the 200’s in countries broadcasted.  France has such a scared movie industry, they lobbied for a law that blocks streaming videos until after 3 years of release.  

The title of Video Streaming Domination will be given to the champ with the most original hits.  

HBO is also in the running, but they’re not nearly as far reaching.  But they have their own content model which serves them well.  

Netflix recently signed a 4-picture deal with Adam Sandler- who hasn’t had a hit in years.  Although his first release, Ridiculous 6 became the most-streamed video in just 30 day after its release.  

So the game is on and like the 2016 election- totally unpredictable.  The good news is that we’ll be awashed in original content.  Though hopefully better than Sandler…