1) James Bond has been played by a variety of actors with little discernible character arc.  
What if James Bond is just an MI6 code name?

2) Toy Story has recounted Jessie’s harrowing tale of her previous owner- a young girl with a matching hat- who abandoned her.  But Jessie’s hat is just like Andy’s hat- Woody’s owner…

What if Jessie’s former owner was Andy’s Mom?

3) Batman V. Superman has been universally panned by critics.  But one quick shot in the movie has been the center of some increasing fan interest:

As Bruce reminisces in the bat-cave we get a shot of Robin’s suit, and a message from his executioner, Joker. 

In the comics, Robin moves on to become Nightwing and new Robins pop up to replace him. One is Jason Todd whose impetuous journey ends after Joker kills him.  

But the latest Joker- from Suicide Squad, which Ben Affleck makes several cameos- is nothing like previous Jokers.  

What if new Joker was Robin, who took the Clown Prince’s place?

That would certainly live up to Joker’s scrawl “The Jokes On You Batman”.  


4) Spongebob and his friends live beneath Bikini Atoll.  And underwater debris in the background suggests it’s mid-20th century.  

What if they are mutations caused by nuclear testing?

5) There are a lot of plot holes between the recent Star Wars movies and the 1977 version.  

The most pernicious is that Obi-Wan seems to have aged drastically- almost forty years- in the span of just 17 years.  And he has no memory of C-3p0, whom his apprentice apparently created.  

What if he’s Ben Kenobi’s clone: OB-1?

Mind blown.  You’re welcome.