Google is set to re-design their search engine’s algorithm again, expected to hit the Internet this Tuesday.  

In a nutshell, Google’s algorithm determines the SEO ranking for all websites.  So this affects everyone.

For the first time, ‘mobile friendly’ sites will have preferential treatment over those that are not.  So if your website doesn’t work well on mobile devices, you’re in trouble.

I see why this move is coming.  Last year, mobile web traffic surpassed all others and is now the leading medium for Internet searches.

Examples of non-friendly mobile sites are:  Adobe Flash, any site without auto screen size adjustment, and user generated websites.

As a test, try accessing your site on your mobile device.  If it takes awhile to load, or not at all, seek immediate assistance.  If the text on your site is hard to read, it may not be auto adjusting to your screen size.  Another red flag…

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