For so long, Apple has kept its products in a stranglehold.  Never allowing any third parties to offer changes or modications.  

That maybe (just maybe) coming to an end. 

The newest Mac operating system-Sierra- will have some “open-sourced” components.  Meaning, programmers of all types could take Apple’s code and modify it.  

Possibly making the product better…Or creating a coming MacApocalypse of computer viruses.   

One of the reasons why Macs have been somewhat immune to the rash of computer viruses floating around the net has been Apple’s tight leash on their program code.  

They even went to court with the Federal Government to keep their code safe.  

I say MacApocalypse in jest.  There’s no reason to think Apple has opened the flood gates.  

But if you have a Mac keep your updates current, as well as your strong anti-virus programs.