Isn’t this what the free market is all about?

So Uber has been having trouble lately.  The list of sins are long:

  • Ordering fake rides from competitors and other dirty tricks to disrupt the market
  • Bypassing proper background checks for drivers (which has resulted in several attacks on customers and pedestrians being run over)
  • Privacy concerns (including Uber employees illegally tracking people)
  • Several harassment claims by employees about managers at Uber
  • And finally the CEO being fired for running said “a**hole culture”

Lyft has long been a distant competitor, now at around 24% of market share.  Uber has been at 84% until recent events lowered it to 75%.

But in April this year, Lyft received a half billion dollar investment.  

And it seems Uber’s much-anticipated IPO release has been delayed due to all the dust ups.  

So the time is ripe for Lyft to start lifting.