What do you see as the future of computing?

Microsoft just introduced the Surface Laptop, a high priced- but high functioning- laptop computer.  

And already critics are asking, “Why?”

From a sales point of view, tablet computers are the future.  So why manufacture a laptop?  And name it after your most popular product: the Surface Pro tablet?

They might as well add a CD-ROM to it, right?

Microsoft is defending the Surface Laptop:  “There will always be a need for laptops.”

Is that true?  Possibly.  

Tablets will always require touch screens.  And no amount of Star Trek binge watching will change that.  Even if technology develops a psychic link to our brains- we’ll need the touch screen as a backup.  So laptops may have staying power.  

But Apple just ended the MacBook Air because their main laptops were getting so thin and light.  And the iPad Pro has so far been a success, though I feel it could have gone farther.  A MacBook iPad anyone?

Also, Microsoft has introduced Windows 10 S that’s standard on the Surface Laptop.  A simpler version of Windows 10 that they is more secure and will increase battery life. 

So their current tablet, the Surface Pro, will have the full version of Windows.  And the new laptop will have a mobile version?

Isn’t this a bit backward?