Apple rumors are churning…

The biggest hype about the upcoming iPhones is what port would be featured. It’s been confirmed that the base models of the new phones will still have the Lightning port.

But rumors persist that the some phones will have the USB-C port, like the newest iPad Pro tablets.

Does that mean there will be an iPhone Pro

That would follow Apple’s marketing plan over the years. When phone sales slump, the tech giant makes a “huge” name change to their line.

Take the iPhone 6s, iPhone X, etc.

Here are few features that have been confirmed via 9to5 Mac:

The display screen will apparently double in pixels, according to the report of 3x OLED Retina display” was found on leaked documents.

A wide angle camera lens will be called “Smart Frame“. From 9to5 Mac:

“iPhone 11 camera will enable a feature called Smart Frame, which captures the area around the framed area in pictures and videos so that the user can adjust the framing or perform automatic perspective and crop corrections in post. The extra information will be retained for a limited period of time and discarded automatically afterwards, for privacy reasons.”