That is the question…

There’s Wall Street, Main Street and Tech Street.

Those on Tech Street have differing opinions on Apple’s plans for 2017.  

It is the ten year anniversary of the iPhone and Apple has traditions of celebrating through technology updates.  

That’s why Tech Street thinks they may skip the usual schedule and remake the iPhone completely.  

The usual schedule is every September a new phone is released.  Last year it was the iPhone 7, so this year should be the 7s.  But Tech Street has been circulating rumors of an iPhone 8. 

The latest rumor: the iPhone X (Roman numeral for ten). 

Supposedly causing drool from millennials with an edge-to-edge ‘wraparound’ screen, ridding the device of the home button.  Apparently the fingerprint detector and from camera will still be accessible.  
It may also cost $1,000. 

Raising prices is definitely an Apple tradition.