More coming out of the woodwork. 

The tenth anniversary of the iPhone will be a dramatic change from previous versions. Yet it also might course-correct back to older features.  

We’re pretty positive the touchscreen will extend to the edge.  Thats the mainstream view of all new smartphones.  It also will have a small bezel around the screen’s edge. 

There will be no physical home button as well as a Touch ID.  It’ll probably be part of the touch screen.  The pressure-sensor Apple watches have been a hit- so expect that type of tech.  

Another feature is rumored.  

Taking pictures vertically won’t be so bad anymore.  The 8’s camera will have a vertically oriented dual lens so photos won’t be cropped.  

There’s also talk of augmented reality.  Perhaps more apps that let you photoshop in funny hats.  Or it could be a major step in merging VR and smartphones. 

3D was mentioned on some forums.  Taking 3D selfies would be cool.

Also, the headphone jack may be coming back. Apple has had a lot of flack over combining it with the Lightning plug with the 7.  Having to carry around an extra accessory to plug in both headphones and the power cord is a pain. 

It won’t be 3.5mm, some surmise.  And leaked photos may have confirmed.  

More news as I hear it!