1) Use Facebook’s native platform along with YouTube.  At the very least, mirror your YouTube channel in order to get the best SEO from Facebook.  
2) Upload multiple videos since Facebook has made autoplay default.  And you want viewers to stay on your page.  

3) Facebook Live is hot right now.  And Facebook’s algorithms give search preferences to it.  So use it for product info and behind-the-scenes info on your company.  

4) Facebook’s search algorithms are so powerful, most videos are ‘discovered’ by viewers.  Sometimes even months after an upload. 

But don’t think you can be lax with uploads.  You may get some newer views on older videos but you need new videos to keep their attention.  

53% of all Facebook views are generated through shares.  

5) Video metadata is incredibly important.  Be sure to describe your video using the optimal keywords. 

Also consider, the majority of Facebook video is viewed- initially- with the audio off.  So make sure that your video is visually compelling.  

And adding closed captions add 12% more viewership and keeps their attention longer, since some keep the audio off because they’re at work.  

Also, Google knows to use Facebook’s metadata for their SEO.