One of the most important lessons in business…

Not just because you could be had, but it wastes your time.  And time is business.

First, let’s dispel some myths. 

1) Liars can (and will) look you in the eye. 

2) Liars don’t have to perspire.  

3) They may or may not fidget.   

Now let’s let look at their tells:

1) Liars often will use formal language.  They’re focusing on what to say- and not say.  So for example, they won’t use conjuctions.  They’ll say “cannot” instead of “can’t”.  Speed will be the way to break them.  Try asking quick questions in rapid fire to catch them off guard.  

2)  They will also try to distance themselves from whatever they’re lying about.  “Those guys do not know the industry.” 

3) Studies have shown that liars constantly point their feet toward exits.  

4) Liars will not be able tell their lie backwards.  This is a common interrogator trick.  If you’re in a business meeting with someone you think might be lying, take notes and ask them questions that force them to tell their lie backwards. 

Like if they say: “I did not steal from the safe last night.  I went home after my shift, had a late dinner, watched Game of Thrones and went to bed.  I first heard about this when I got in this morning.”

You: “So what time did you go to bed and what episode did you watch?”