Video traffic now dominates the internet. No wonder online marketers are using video content to attract customers. For SEO/SEM, distributing optimized video content is like striking gold. With video SEO, Dallas can depend on Uptrend Productions for quality content that attracts traffic and customers.

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The statistics prove how important video is in boosting SEO. Below, we’ll discuss how video content can better engage an audience, boost traffic and conversions, and have a wider reach. Data collected from Forbes show that:

  • Product videos influence buying decisions for 90% of users.
  • About 64% of viewers are more likely to buy something after seeing a video.
  • Video can draw 41% more web traffic from search engines.
  • 80% of viewers recall a video ad seen over a 30-day period.
  • By adding video to a landing page, conversion rates increase by 80%.

Companies and marketers are realizing how important video content is to viewers. Search engines are including video marketing SEO as part of their ranking algorithms. You can base a video on the same keyword as an article or blog; it’s even easier to include longer keywords in visual content. The benefits over text are many, and here is a more intensive look at how this plays out across the web.

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Video Content Is Engaging

The most effective types of video-based content include customer testimonials, tutorials, and demonstrations, but there is much more to creating effective content. Video marketing provides the opportunity to create content that boosts visits and conversions—an area in which video production services excel. A video may focus on a product’s features and benefits or the inner workings of your company. It can even provide an inside look at your staff and office.

Videos are so engaging because they:

  • Demonstrate a product in action: Words on a page are important, but they don’t provide the visualization that best drives sales. By seeing exactly how your offering works, potential customers can visualize what they stand to gain. A higher conversion rate is, therefore, possible.
  • Build trust among your audience: An in-depth look at a product or service, the people behind it, and the company develop a sense of familiarity. In feeling they know you better, your customers are more likely to trust you and make a purchase. Seeing another person explain things and reading their body language builds a connection as well.
  • Engage smartphone users: People with smartphones often use them to research and buy products. However, they need information fast, and video is a medium that enables them to acquire details, reviews, and testimonials within a couple of minutes to decide where to spend their money.
  • Create an instant impression: A video ad helps a viewer instantly understand the perks of a product or service. Images and text are beneficial, but video is more so, especially on the media-saturated internet. You save your audience time, as an impression is created while they balance product research with other tasks.
  • Appeal to visual learners: Many people still prefer gathering information through reading. On the other hand, visual learners better acquire details through video clips, so your video content helps reach a greater number of people and potential customers.

With video content, people not only view what you post. They can also like or share it, depending on where you post the videos. Those who share on social media help many others see the same content. Sharing, therefore, provides a means for visibility beyond search rankings alone. The number of comments correlates with high rankings, too; the opinions and feelings of others engage consumers and factor into the ranking algorithms of, for example, YouTube.

Video Can Boost Traffic and Conversions

Google rankings aren’t the only ones you need to think about. YouTube, the world’s second-largest search engine, affords an opportunity to SEO optimize your content to boost traffic and conversions. In fact, your YouTube videos also rank on Google searches, so they help boost your overall search engine rankings.

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As professionals offering marketing video production services know, there’s more to it than pressing Record and having someone talk to a camera. To truly see SEO/SEM benefits from video marketing, you must focus on numerous elements. Well known in the world of search engine optimization, these include:

  • Titles and descriptions: Relevant titles/descriptions boost Google and YouTube rankings, but only if they are 70 characters or less. These short pieces of content must pertain to the content viewers are searching for; the higher an audience retention score, the higher your rankings. An informative description is critical, as it appears on search pages, below the title; make sure to fit relevant keywords in. Including transcripts of a video helps as well.

While an effective title and description get a video ranked online, there are various other ranking factors to consider. A producer will consider the following in your project:

  • Video length: Many videos are no longer than two to five minutes. That might work, depending on what you are selling or communicating. However, a 14- to 15-minute video is more likely to rank higher.
  • Comments: The more people who talk about your video, product, or service, the greater the chances it will rank better in a keyword-based search. Leverage comments by asking questions, polling viewers, and responding to them directly.
  • Engagement: The number of views, likes, and shares correlates directly with how your content is ranked; search engines also track who is being engaged so only individual users are counted.
  • Watch time: Tracked by YouTube, watch time is important because the longer people watch a video, the more the content pertains to what they are looking for or need. Video production services focus on relevance to help increase viewing time.
  • Subscriptions: People subscribe to the videos they like. It later helps them find the product/service or source much easier; subscriptions tend to drive rankings. Subscribers, almost guaranteed to view new videos, can serve as your fanbase.

Keywords are as important for video content as they are for text. When you upload to YouTube, the keyword suggestion tool is useful, as it helps identify keywords potential viewers are likely to use. Be descriptive and precise to boost engagement. Google’s keyword research tools, as well as traditional keyword research, can help you gain rankings across multiple channels. Also, use location and category settings to your advantage.

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Metadata doesn’t have as much influence as it once did, but the search engines still use it. This includes a catchy, clear title, and on-page description. Use short sentences with the main theme and put keywords near the beginning of the write-up. A thumbnail image relevant to your title should be included as well.

There are two other considerations if you want to effectively boost traffic and conversions with video—watch time and audience.

  • Optimizing watch time: To optimize for watch time, start with a short opening that gets right to the point. This helps stay within a viewer’s attention span. Also, try creating a series as part of your video marketing plan, which keeps an audience’s interest. You can even highlight something in another video and encourage a viewer to click to one, which can increase rankings by showing viewers are enticed by your overall content.
  • Targeting an audience: Perhaps the most important consideration is reaching the right audience. No matter how much effort you put in, you won’t reach conversion goals if the wrong people are seeing the video. You want to attract viewers who watch the whole video, watch several postings, and who like, share, or comment on your content. To target viewers, it helps to create a buyer persona, which covers their interests, challenges, and type of language they use.

Video Reaches a Wider Audience

It’s a known fact video reaches more people, in many ways. You, therefore, want to ensure your audience gets the most out of it, which is where marketing video production services eliminate the guesswork. Production value matters; the web is filled with low-quality videos that people simply pass on—stand out with an HD video with the potential to reach the top spot.

Then there are other tweaks you can make, such as including closed-captions. These may seem unnecessary—but, consider: 85% of online video watchers don’t turn the sound on, according to Digiday’s look at multiple publishers’ insights. Closed-captions also help reach elderly and hearing-impaired viewers who may be interested in your product or service.

Video content is also more easily distributed. That’s not only because viewers gravitate toward something they can watch and better relate to. It is highly compatible with social media and how users are engaged, so social media optimization is a key factor in reaching your SEO goals. You can gain rankings, views, likes, shares, and backlinks. The opportunities to distribute video are many and include YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and even Quora, where people look for answers to the questions they need to be answered. LinkedIn is useful, as well, especially if you are targeting problems that relate to a business audience.

Your video content also spreads the word. Not everyone will watch every video until the end. If a significant enough percentage of them do, your rankings will go up. Embedding the video on your website, even if it’s linked to YouTube, can help in the ranking department, too.

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We know video is so important for SEO/SEM. To use it most effectively, you need to focus on a viable marketing strategy (video production services are versatile in this area) and stay up on the latest trends. Maximize your video’s impact by:

  • Sharing a story about your brand so your viewers can experience your passion for it.
  • Illustrating every benefit, specification, and feature to educate your audience.
  • Boosting organic reach by uploading directly to Facebook, rather than sharing from other sites.
  • Integrating videos with email content or repurposing blog posts, extending your reach and engagement.
  • Hosting it on YouTube because of the reach potential, connection to a big-name publisher site, and avoidance of slow load times on websites.
  • Adding backlinks to your YouTube channel profile and within the video description.

Last, consult with Uptrend Productions for professional video SEO in Dallas. Our experienced team knows the best practices in pre-production, production, and post-production. To learn more about our marketing video production services, photography, and a full range of video shooting and editing for business and training purposes, contact us online at or call 972-861-2815.