These directors took their jobs too seriously…sometimes illegally.  

1) William Friedkin was quite brutal on the set of the Exorcist.  He slapped an actor to cause his nervous reaction on camera, broke Ellen Burstyn’s back by pulling too hard on her harness when her character is thrown across the room, and Linda Blair’s screaming was caused by the crew violently shaking the bed without warning her.  

2) John McTiernan was the acclaimed director of Die Hard, Hunt for Red October and Predator.  During the shooting of Rollerball in 2002, he was sentenced to four months in federal prison for lying to the FBI in their investigation of Hollywood PI Anthony Pellicano.  The PI was convicted of wiretapping and conspiracy charges.  The director apparently hired the investigator to spy on a Hollywood producer.  He later plea bargained down the sentence.  

3) Roman Polanski and Woody Allen are critically acclaimed movie directors still producing hits. But they’ve also been involved with potential sex crimes.  Polanski for the apparent rape of a child and Allen for allegedly sexually abusing his daughter.  Both have denied the accusations.  Polanski has eluded investigations by staying out of the country.  And Allen has been taking therapy for the alleged inappropriate behavior.  When asked to take a lie detector test, Allen refused.