Based on new research, here’s the best way to market your brand using Facebook video, YouTube and Instagram. 
Facebook is now the top-of-line source for news.  Some 80% of the country gets their news from Facebook’s news feed.  

So if you have a new product video, or time sensitive PR video you need distributed- use Facebook’s video platform.  

You can but ad space within Facebook’s news feed, showing up to the demographics you choose.  

YouTube is now the leader in DIY- Do It Yourself- videos.  A great marketing tool is producing informational videos.  They don’t have to be related to your company’s services.  Just answer questions.  

Finally there’s Instragram.  This app has taken a while to ingratiate into the marketing biz.  Now it’s best campaigns are behind the scene photos and videos.  So use this space to upload candid shots around the office.  Holiday parties, client testimonials, anything that shows the personal side to your business.