It’s the tenth annual developers conference and Google has released some new innovations:

New AdWords Tool:  Called “Attribution”, this feature helps advertisers predict who will buy their product.  

Google notes- scarily- that it has info on the majority of credit card usages.  

Google Lens: This app uses your camera lens to identify books, movies- anything visual.  It can even identify a type of flower: 

It uses Google’s announced visual recognition technology to connect you instantly to movie tickets after pointing it at a billboard, or to Google Play if pointed at an album cover.  

Google Home: This was expected.  Like Apple and Amazon, home appliances will be connected to all our phones through a vase.

One cool feature, the device simply glows when it needs your attention.  A text message, reminder or email can be read.
Android Updates: Soon, all Android devices will be upgraded without trading in phones.  Google didn’t provide details, just rumors.  

Which should help its competition with Apple’s iPhone 8 leaks.