At first glance, it sounds like bad news…

The latest Facebook update has some video publishers’ blood boiling:  Video on the user’s News Feed will have sound as they scroll.

It doesn’t sound bad (and it isn’t), but there are some groans.  As you know, automatically playing video- especially audio- on websites is bad.

The rule of thumb is to allow the user to select the video to play.
But Facebook sees the vast majority of its consumers are mobile users.  So they figure these users will want to hear the videos as they scroll through their News Feed.

Perhaps, but it still could be potentially a turn off- especially for advertisers.

FB does allow them to toggle this feature off.  But it will take a while for users to adapt.

So here are some ideas that may help you benefit from this latest update:

1) Don’t use audio in your videos.  At least not in ads.  No one blatantly searches for advertising- unless it’s reached viral status- so share your ad with video only.

Use video graphics and text to tell your story.  Just don’t inundate your viewers.  You’ll need a pro’s touch for this.  No one likes static PowerPoint slides.

2) Soften your video’s audio.  Allow your viewers to turn up the volume on their end.

Upload videos that have reduced decibels.   Pianissimo as it’s called.

The only negative here is that your viewers may blame you when they watch another video and it blows their ear drums.

3) Talk about this pain in your ad:  make a joke out of FB’s Feature.

“I know you’re probably tired of hearing all these videos…”

Viewers relate to ads that break the fourth wall.