After a year and half of “fake news” and bots being purged, an unexpected benefit may be returning for marketers.

Facebook ascended to the ultimate level of being Google’s main SEO competitor. But after a series of findings by independent groups, it was discovered that FB fell asleep at the wheel and let a bunch of bots and scammers create chaos.

But in the aftermath of Congressional hearings and FB’s own restructuring comes a silver lining for marketers.

With the censors focused on scammers, Search Engine Optimization could now be fertile ground for smaller campaigns again.

SEO, in general, has one basic goal: get the target’s webpage, video, etc, as the number one result for certain online search keywords.

On the backend, it’s essentially human beings trying to convince a computer algorithm that their content has authority.

Google has been king in large part because of their semi-fair attempts to control what it sees as “authority”.

This is what Facebook failed at. And their fix might be a boon to us small marketers, trying to give authority to our clients.

We have several FB campaigns going and the steam is building. We’ll keep you posted on any extra-ordinary results.

If you have recommendations on Facebook SEO or suggestions, feel free to comment below.