According to DMagazine, Arlington has been one of the largest municipalities without robust public transportation.

That may be ending soon.  

The city’s transportation departments are starting pilot programs (no pun intended) for driverless busses and cars.  

Texas in general has become the leading driverless testing site in the country.  With Austin, Bryan, Corpus Christi, El Paso, Houston and San Antonio involved in the program.  
The plan calls for a ten mile ‘managed lane’ on Interstate 30 in Arlington to run the driverless tests.  

“Providing potential for AV (automated vehicles) technologies [will] act as ladders of opportunity and invoice mobility,” reads the state’s marketing docs. 

“Arlington is the comprehensive real-world AV test environment.”

The program also calls for partnerships with universities and the Texas Medical Center in Houston. 

The program will generate a wealth of info for researchers about AVs on city streets and highways.  138 road cameras will monitor the experiments. 

94% of accidents are human error, which have fueled debates of driverless cars. Other arguments have considered scenarios which would place human lives on the decisions of a computer.  
Tesla’s Model S and X will soon have AV software drivers can turn on and off. And Ford announced recently it will have new lines of AV cars within the next five years.  

The City of Dallas is apparently still debating zoning rules for AV parking options for our busier areas.