YouTube is launching an ad-free service.  But don’t panic!

If there’s any change at all, it’ll be more positive for video marketers.  Google estimates a $5 billion profit next year from YouTube advertising.    Despite them lauching an ad-free service.

Even if this service draws millions of Youtubers, you’ll still have tens of millions of potiential viewers.  If anything, this new ad-free service will help you weed out non-qualified audiences.  Leaving you with viewers more interested in your message.

But ads aren’t the only way to spread your brand.  As I explained last time, 84% of searches are for information.  Like fixing a computer issue or gadget reviews.  

So all in all, nothing will change.  As I’ve always advised, the best way to reach your audience is by providing information.  Like a carpet company putting out carpet maintenance tips, or a CPA giving tax advice. 

And video will always be the best way to deliver your message.  Contact me anytime to discuss your marketing. 817-247-2816